2015 Gallery Programme

21  February – 18 April 


2014 Gallery Programme

Anna Konik: Faraway, So Near….
28 January – 7 March 

Mel Brimfield: Death and Dumb.
22 March – 02 May 

Kelly Richardson: Haunted
24 May – 18 July

The Starry Messenger
05 August – 26 September

Civil Rights: We have it in our power to begin the world over again
20 October – 20 December



Void Sites Find Out More

Void Sites

Void Sites; a new initiative in addition to Void's gallery programme that extends the gallery's activities to various locations around the city and its hinterland, involving three major off site projects;

Artists' Gardens
Katie Holten
Locky Morris
Ackroyd & Harvey

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