Void are delighted to announce the receipt of funding by COVID-19 Charities Fund and ArtFund_ which will provide much needed assistance as we safely reopen our gallery to the public.

Over the next 8 months Void will be working with artists Alan Phelan and David Beattie on two public art sculptures as part of Void Offsites. We want to know, if you could put any sculpture on the Derry Walls, what would it be? Void will provide your school with A5 postcard of the Derry […]

Covid-19 Procedures   We are delighted to announce that Void Gallery will reopen on Tuesday 21st July. Our exhibition by Ima-Abasi Okon– sur— [infinite Slippage: production of the r ~e ~a ~l as an intensive magnitude starting at zero-eight] —plus – will be extended until Saturday 22nd August. In line with guidance issued by the Department of Business, Enterprise and […]