Void Art School

In August 2006 Void commenced its Education Programme alongside the Artist-in- Residence scheme with artist Damien Duffy.

Void Art School

Void Art School is a unique education programme. A model autonomous Art School that exists outside of curriculum based schooling and formal education.

It provides a supportive, exploratory and rigorous learning environment for young Artists.

Originally established to introduce A level students to Contemporary Art practice it has developed its remit to include young Artists at both the secondary and tertiary levels of education.

Assisting the passage from A level to foundation/ degree and from graduate to postgraduate and in some cases the self taught Artist learning outside of the formal education strand.

Practical projects are developed through one-to-one tutorials. Students are encouraged to develop a more critical engagement with work observed and thus with work they produce.Works are co-authored through mentorship.

Generous support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland allows for the provision of materials and equipment in the production of ambitious projects by the schools young Artists.

In this respect the Art School is a unique learning site encouraging more critical and creative engagement with contemporary art beyond curriculum-based teaching.

Void Art School prides itself in the professional development of young Artists at the earliest of stage of their career as a lifelong learning journey. We continue to support our uptake in their years attending Universities across Ireland and Britain and in the years thereafter.

The exhibition of work is encouraged throughout, either in Voids Community Gallery or in other partner organizations. Regular group exhibitions are also hosted within Void Gallery’s exhibition programme.

For many the time spent at Void Art School matches and in some cases surpasses what is delivered in the tertiary Art education sector and is instrumental in the decision to take Art as an educational and career direction.

Void Art School in Exhibitions

Comments from the visitors included:

"This is better than the Royal Academy Schools degree show" Michael Sandle RA