Alex Cecchetti At the Gates of the Music Palace

Opening Reception Events:

We were delighted to have Alex give an artist-led tour of ‘At the Gates of the Music Palace’ on the opening night. The evening was also puncuated by musical performances by Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company member Zoe Ramsey and synesthetic musical performances by Daryl Martin.

Director's Tours

Wedneday 15th August & 12th September, 1pm

Join curator Mary Cremin for a guided tour of the exhibition. Mary will explain the key themes in the exhibition and answer any questions you may have.

31 August 

End of Summer Event

Celebrate the end of summer by joining us for an evening of talks and performances. Musician Darryl Martin and dancer Zoe Ramsey return to Void to activate Alex Cecchetti’s exhibition.

6.30pm: Join synthesist musician Daryl Martin as he discusses the process of composing music from Alex Cecchetti’s work 500,000 Azaleas, 

7pm: Performances by Daryl Martin and Zoe Ramsey

Family workshops 

15 September

Join artist facilitator Karen Cassidy on a tour and workshop of At the Gates of the Music Palace.

Primary School tours

Why not start of the school year with a visit to At the Gates of the Music Palace, an exhibition that is conceived as a 3 dimensional music concert.  If you would like to book a tour, please email or call 028 7130 8080

Culture Night, 21st September

Walker Plinth, Derry City Walls

7pm – 7.40pm The Astronomic Weather Choir by Alex Cecchetti

Join us as a choir sing every variation in a landscape as if they were in front of a music score. From the clouds in the sky, to the breeze on top of the trees, from the celestial movement of the moon to the flickering appearing of the first stars of the evening, the choir will sing atmospheric events like rain and fog and also astronomical events that will happen in front of them, such as the movements of astral objects.

In association with the Siege Museum and Derry City Walls

Void Gallery

Children’s Treasure Trail 

Using a treasure trail to explore our current exhibition At the Gates of the Music Palace, ignite your children imagination and inspire them to think about Art. 

8pm – 9pm

Members of the public are invited to join musician Daryl Martin as he plays Alex Cecchetti’s work 500,00 Azaleas and dancer Zoe Ramsey as she activates the work Music Hall. 




Please stay tuned for more Void Engage events which will be run in support of the exhibition.