About Void Visionaries

Void Visionaries is a group of like-minded young people aged between 14 and 20. Members have the opportunity to explore their personal and collective creativity through artistic skill and process based workshops, innovative research and experimentation. ​​Members also have the opportunity to create work in response to our ambition exhibition programme.


To date, members have:


In addition to the core programme, members also have the opportunity gain academic recognition for their attendance by completing their Silver Arts Award, which is a RFQ level 2 arts award (please note, completing a Silver Arts Award qualification is not an essential part of the programme – young people can still attend any of the Void Visionaries activities without signing up to complete their Arts Award).


Void Visionaries is an on-going programme of workshops and events which are aimed at young people aged 14-20. It is always open to new members and attendance is voluntary.


Check out our @voidvisionaries Instagram page to find out more and if this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up and join our Void Visionaries mailing list today by filling out our sign up form, https://forms.gle/e8NGAgFcUJBgcFJp6, or email Zoe at youth@derryvoid.com if you have any questions.