Arts Award

Void Gallery is now officially registered as an Arts Award Centre which allows our advisors, Maeve and Zoe, to facilitate, guide and qualify any Void Visionaries member aged between 14 and 20, who wishes to complete their Silver Arts Award here at Void.




Silver Arts Award is a RFQ Level 2, portfolio-based qualification awarded by Trinity College London and moderated by CCEA here in Northern Ireland. The award encourages members to grow their arts and leadership talents through the creation of a reflective portfolio and acts as professional recognition for their participation in the group as the structure of the award echoes the Void Visionaries activity programme closely. 


We are running additional monthly Arts Award portfolio, planning and feedback sessions (which can take place on zoom/face to face) for specialist support and guidance to those who choose to complete their Award.


The Silver Arts Award is split into two larger units. Find out how to take part in each below:


UNIT 1: Arts practice and pathways

PART A + B: Identify, plan, implement and review a personal arts challenge.

How do I do it? Take part in free artist-led process and skill based Void Visionaries workshops (link to this section) or set your own arts challenge and attend our Arts Award support sessions.


PART C: Attend and review at least one arts event/exhibition as an audience member.

How do I do it? Attend one of the Void Visionaries guided art exhibition tours (link to this section) or attend an exhibition/art event independently and attend our Arts Award support sessions.


PART D: Undertake practical artist career research.

How do I do it? Take part in Void Visionaries workshops and events to collaborate, work alongside and learn from creative professionals through artist led workshops and artist talks.


UNIT 2: Art Leadership

PART A-E: Plan, develop, host and review your own arts project .

How do I do it? Have a discussion with our advisors to plan, develop and host your own group exhibition/art event.


Please note – Completing a Silver Arts Award qualification is not an essential part of Void Visionaries – young people can still attend all of the Void Visionaries activities without signing up to complete their arts award. It is simply an open opportunity. 


To find out more on how to get involved email Zoe at youth@derryvoid.com and sign up to out Void Visionaries mailing list (https://forms.gle/e8NGAgFcUJBgcFJp6) to be kept up to date with future workshops and events.