22 and 29 July at 7pm

Join Mel Bradley for a creative writing workshop over 2 evenings in July. Taking inspiration from Elizabeth Price’s work STILETTO, which tells the story of the word stiletto, in workshop one, we will draw a life model with words, using a variety of exercises and in workshop 2, using the words and phrases from the first workshop, we will create our own text. No writing experience is required as you will be guided through the process by Mel.

Cost: £2 to secure place

Max participants: 8

Please book a place on the workshop here.



Mel Bradley is a spoken word artist, writer, playwright/theatre-maker, multimedia artist, designer, actor and activist. A gatherer of the untold stories of women. An outspoken queer feminist performer with a candid voice and an unhealthy obsession with the Virgin Mary. A creative genius with the attention span of a gnat and an incapacity for boredom.

Mel has a diverse background in devising workshops for young people, including those from marginalised groups. These have included identity-focused writing, badges for good relations week and posters for a youth-focused online festival, zine production, poetry and performance techniques. She has facilitated creative workshops for a wide range of groups and organisation, numerous schools north and south of the border and as an individual one-to-one mentor. As concept artist, Mel has created educational and outreach films, visual projections for theatrical performances using animation, motion graphics and other digital media.

Image credit: STILETTO film still. Courtesy of the artist, Elizabeth Price.