This year, we are delighted to be part of DCSDC Disability Awareness Week 2021.


We will be running two events as part of this week: Seen – Unseen and an exhibition with North West Spectrum Group.

Seen – Unseen

3 December, Void Gallery


Clare McLaughlin returns to Void with her project Seen-Unseen. Seen-Unseen deals with the non – visual exploration of art and allows the blind or vision impaired person to experience artwork through their other senses. This session will be held online and onsite. To sign up, please email Clare on and for more information about Seen-Unseen at Void, please see here.


Exhibition with North West Spectrum Group

29 November – 4 December, Void Gallery

We are also delighted to partner with North West Spectrum Group to host an exhibition of the group’s artwork in Void’s education space.


Both events are with thanks to DCSDC for funding.