We are delighted to begin our Directors Tours once again. Join Mary Cremin for a lunchtime tour of Elizabeth Price’s solo exhibition CHOREOGRAPH on the 21st of July. There is no need to book in for this event – just arrive at the gallery at 1pm.

Price’s distinctive film works inhabit the digital world using computer animated voices, graphics and a saturated videography that give the works a dystopic sensibility, exploring the human experience from industrialisation to the digital age.

The films are anthropological, often exploring mundane objects and imbuing them with a relevance, and situating them within an historical moment.

Emerging from this period of lockdown, where technology became our means of connection to the world, Price’s work embodies this notion of the cognitive harmony between the body and the machine. The title CHOREOGRAPH, a term derived from the Greek words: dance (chorus) and to write (graphy) is a reference to how the multi-screen works synchronise in the space aligning with the rhythms of the music, dance and writing and narrative that unfolds in the pieces.

As always, if you would like to book a tour for you, your family or a group, you can also contact hello@derryvoid.com.

Image credit: Installation view, CHOREOGRAPH at Void Gallery. Photo by Louis Haugh.