The artists in Before the Cypress Broke explore their city Beirut through drawing, photography and film. Designed by artist Zoe McSparron, this activity encourages you to explore your internal and external surroundings by collecting materials that you have found around your home and creating a piece of art from them.

What you’ll need:

  • Coloured paper (This could be paper which you have painted using different colours of acrylic/ready mix paints, bought coloured paper or scrap paper which you might have around the house) – make sure you have a range of different colours/patterns.
    – A sheet of white paper
    – Scissors
    – Pritt Stick

Drawing with Scissors workshop

Where to find it:

Once uploaded, all the workshops can be found here on our website, on our Vimeo channel, and also on Facebook and Instagram IGTV @derryvoid so you can go back and forth to them as many times as you would like.


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