In December 2006 Void embarked on a journey that ended in the temporary installation of the Molly Aida/Tinneys at Void. The idea for the Molly Aida project evolved following conversations with Pat Durkan the Bar owner of Tinneys, Patrick Street regarding planned renovations to the bar. Having first opened in 1925 Tinneys is one of the oldest bars in Derry remaining untouched by modernisation housing a community of characters and regulars that lend the place great character and uniqueness. To close the bar in between renovations for an indefinite time would have displaced and inconvenienced the many valued patrons who form the bar community.

After further conversations NULL (the group of artists) approached Pat Durkan with the idea of transporting the fabric of the bar with the social fabric to Void while the renovations were being completed thus creating a living installation with the regulars as active participants. NULL toyed with the possibility of building a shell that would house the Bar within VOID, something that at first seemed impossible, a feat a kin to the episode in Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcaraldo where the boat Molly Aida is moved over land to continue its journey. However following conversations with the Bar owner the uniqueness of the project was realised and approved hence the title ‘the Molly Aida’.

Since Void opened in January 2005 Tinneys Bar had become an annex for the gallery i.e. visiting artists meet there during the weeks of the installation of their shows and the Gallery goers convene there following the opening nights of the exhibitions. It had almost become a think tank/studio for the Artists working at Void during planning or following the installing of work. The project is unique, a first for all participants and goes some way to blurring the boundaries between art and life. NULL are Paola Bernardelli, Maoliosa Boyle, Damien Duffy and Kieran Ferris.