Next Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm, join us for the official opening of Rewind Fastforward Record’s installation at Void Gallery, an exhibition exploring the rich history of Foyle Pride. Drinks will be provided by Northbound Brewery.


No booking required – just drop in!


The REWIND << FASTFORWARD >> RECORD (RFR) initiative is aimed at engaging with LGBTQ+ community groups on a national platform to uncover queer histories and expand their retelling and relevance through artistic interpretation.
As part of each regional exhibition, a further series of local talks and workshops will generate new creative responses expanding the material as it tours to each location. This cumulative material will form both a historical and a contemporary archive of hidden queer histories and current perspectives of RFR participants. RFR is an exploration of queer identity; past and present, and aims to connect us with both our history and our community.


RFR conducted research and ran a number of workshops and events as part of their four-week residency at Void Gallery, responding to the unofficial Foyle Pride Archive and Derry’s queer history. This installation is a culmination of this work.
By better understanding our past, we can ensure a more visible and equal future.






Presented in conjunction with Rewind Fastforward Record and the Museum of Everyone.



Void Gallery is supported by Arts Council Northern Ireland, Derry City and Strabane District Council, Halifax Foundation, The Ragdoll Foundation, The Ireland Funds, Austin and Hope Pilkington Foundation, and Arnold Clarke Foundation.