To coincide with BLACK MED SECCO, Void is delighted to welcome curator and writer Mattia Capelletti for an online talk, taking place on Tuesday 31 May, from 7pm (UK/Ireland time).


Register for free here.


Mattia has recently contributed the essay Having a voice, hearing voices to the book Black Med, which will be published in the coming weeks.


In this talk, the materiality and metaphoricity of the sea will emerge as activating a specific mode of thinking and listening. The talk will touch upon the role that the sensorial observation of the sea played in the development of the thought and practice of key philosophers, poets and musicians concerned with a radical immersion of the particular in the universal, the molecular and the cosmological. This line of thought engenders a specific politics of listening, which will be tied back to Black Med as a generative sonic flux.


Mattia Capelletti is a doctoral student in Sciences of Culture at the University of Palermo, writer and independent curator based in Torino. Interested in sound and the human voice, he has investigated its aesthetics and politics across theory and different disciplines. Along with artist Costanza Candeloro, he runs Idioletta, a project aimed at fostering “borderline” literary and oral practices. He co-edits Palm Wine, a website dedicated to post-global sound cultures with Simone Bertuzzi.