As part of Void Gallery‘s youth programme, Void Visionaries, we provide a range of skill and process based workshops with local artists and creative professionals for young people aged 15-20.

Next on Void Visionaries programme is a series of three painting workshops ‘Exploring the field of painting’, facilitated by local artists, Meghan Heeney and Liam Bradley. During these workshops you will explore and learn about the possibilities of colour, the process of underpainting and how to create effective layers using acrylic paint.

Workshops include:

– ‘Colour Mixing’ with Meghan Heeney – Friday 28th January 5-7pm

– ‘Underpainting’ with Meghan Heeney – Friday 18th February 5-7pm

– ‘Creating Layers’ with Liam Bradley – Thursday 24th March 5-7pm

These workshops will take place onsite at Void Gallery.

*Tickets cost £5, will secure your place on all 3 sessions and will cover the cost of all materials. By registering for these workshops, we trust that you are within the given age bracket.*

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