In the presence of Banu Cennetoğlu’s installation, right?, come together with friends, strangers, neighbours and border-crossers to perform, memorise and recite, vocalise, sing, move, dance, move, think and feel human rights differently!


You are invited to engage creatively with one article of your choice from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) through performative ways and different scores – memorizing and reciting it out aloud like a dramatic text to be put into action, body, sound, ritual and movement in the main gallery space and/or respond to the UDHR through drawing and writing together in the education space.


This workshop is suitable for all ages, families, young people and adults. No booking required, just call into Void Art Centre between 6 and 9pm!


RSVP is optional as this is a drop-in event.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be available to read in various different languages at the event and attendees are invited to recite in their own language if they wish.


Funded by DCSDC.



Installation view of Banu Çennetoğlu, right?, 2022, Courtesy of the artist and Carnegie Museum of Art; photographed by Sean Eaton in September 2022


Anika Marschall (she/her) works as Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, where she loves teaching and researching about theatre performances and socially engaged arts that challenge normative ways of understanding human rights, asylum and migration.