With artists: Orna Kazimi, Kubra Khademi, Mario García Torres, Erkan Özgen. The title of the exhibition is taken from a novel by Fowzin Karimi that explores the trauma of war and how that reverberates through generations.   Forced migration and the burden of carrying the past into the present and future, is a condition faced by many […]

Void is delighted to present BLACK MED SECCO, a solo exhibition by Invernomuto, the name of the artistic personality created in 2003 by Simone Bertuzzi and Simone Trabucchi.   Preview: Saturday 9 April, 6 - 8pm - Book here.   Invernomuto’s works are research-based projects that often use cultural references as their starting points and [...]

Void is delighted to present Sampler, the first solo exhibition by artist Aleana Egan in Northern Ireland.   The exhibition will bring together existing works and two newly commissioned pieces, which expand on Egan’s nuanced approach to working with materials that are familiar and that often have residual memories associated with them.  The word sampler derives from the Latin exemplum, meaning [...]

Void Gallery is delighted to host The Shrinking Universe by Eva Rothschild, as part of the Ireland at Venice 2019 National Tour. The Shrinking Universe was the national representation of Ireland at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 2019, curated by Mary Cremin.   The Shrinking Universe consists of individual works [...]

Cevdet Erek is an Istanbul based artist and musician. A background in architecture, sound engineering, and performing in a band forms the basis of his practice. In his working process Erek often responds to architectural context through interventions, using sound to inhabit architectural spaces. His work is provocative, proposing new perspectives. The exhibition at Void, Beating [...]

Elizabeth Price 'CHOREOGRAPH' promotional image. Woman's legs standing in heels, pink-blue colours

Void Gallery is delighted to present CHOREOGRAPH, the first solo exhibition of Elizabeth Price in Northern Ireland. Price’s distinctive film works inhabit the digital world using computer animated voices, graphics and a saturated videography that give the works a dystopic sensibility, exploring the human experience from industrialisation to the digital age.   The films are [...]

Before the Cypress Broke web graphic featuring artists' names, running dates 17.4-05.06.2021

Void is delighted to partner with the Beirut Art Residency (BAR) on the exhibition Before the Cypress Broke, a fundraising exhibition that was initiated in response to the recent catastrophic events that have taken place in Beirut, Lebanon.   Exhibiting Artists   Ali Cherri I Ayla Hibri I Charbel Haber I Daniele Genadry I Fiona [...]

Ima-Abasi Okon, promotional image of an item of clothing lying on a bedspread with a floral pattern; exhibition at Void Gallery, 2020

sur— [infinite Slippage: production of the r ~e ~a ~l as an intensive magnitude starting at zero-eight] —plus is a commission by London and Amsterdam based artist Ima-Abasi Okon in partnership between Void and the Chisenhale Gallery. Okon works with sculpture, sound and video to produce installations that explore exhibition-making as an exercise in syntax, adopting linguistic [...]

Film still from The Last of England film by artist Derek Jarman, image depicts man looking out a window with the reflection of a red brick building displayed to the right of the image

The Last of England, an exhibition by Derek Jarman at Void Gallery in 2019/20, explored the work of one of Britain’s most iconic filmmakers, painter, writer, gardener and political activist. During the ‘80s and ‘90s, Jarman shifted from being apolitical – with his films documenting his private life in a ‘cinema of small gestures’ – [...]

Sonia Shiel, image detail of artwork displayed as part of solo exhibition at Void Gallery, 2019

In all works of fiction there belies an agreement that the reader/the viewer will allow for a suspension of disbelief. In this exhibition I Am What You've Come To See, the artist Sonia Shiel has transformed the three gallery spaces into a circular narrative, casting the audience as its central protagonist. The viewer is compelled to move [...]

Installation view of exhibition Command Lines by artist Candida Powell-Williams at Void Gallery, 2019

Command Lines is a theatrical installation of sculpture, performance and animation by artist Candida Powell-Williams. The works re-imagine the iconic tarot as a three-dimensional experiment in symbolism, action, story-telling and magical thinking. Powell-William’s installation uses the term Command Lines to frame the exhibition, insinuating systems, networks and feedback loops, control over and order of information. [...]