A Brick In The Handbag

Amanda Coogan

28 May - 1 July 2005

  • A Brick In The Handbag

Dublin artist Amanda Coogan, winner of the 2004 AIB Art Prize, exhibited a number of photographs and video pieces, including the double-projection piece, The Headbangers in Gallery One, along with four videos and five photographs in Gallery Two. Amanda’s work is primarily concerned with countering negative representation of women in the media.

Performance is at the heart of Coogan’s art, and her powerful live events often form the basis for her videos and photographs. She has a real ability to condense an idea and to communicate it through her body.

The performances are short, snappy and sassy, reflecting MTV generation values. She has her finger on the pulse of the modern psyche that allows her to connect with her audience. Sometimes the work paraphrases iconic images, like the sacred heart or Michelanglo’s David, but the artist jolts her audience into finding new meaning in the familiar.


Feminism, not with a punch, but with a vodka and tonic!