Brian Maguire at Void Gallery

Brian Maguire

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J’ACCUSE is an exhibition by artist Brian Maguire and curated by Jonathan Cummins.


For this exhibition, Maguire developed a new series of paintings, large works which interrogate the international war on and for drugs, the violence of a destabilised state and the darkness that permeates borderlands and trade between wealthy and poorer nations.


This new work extends Maguire’s investigation into the nature of violence in Juarez, which started with his work with the mothers and families of the victims of Juarez.


In the lead up to the launch of J’ACCUSE by Maguire on Saturdy 28 November, Void presented a number of public events. The Foyle Film Festival screened ‘Blood Rising‘, a documentary detailing Maguire’s portraiture and activism in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez in The Nerve Centre at 8pm on Friday 20 November. The screening was followed by a Q&A session with the Director Mark Mc Laughlin and Brian Maguire.


On Friday 27 November, Void presented In the Absence of Justice a panel discussion chaired by Susan Mc Kay with Brian Maguire and journalists Eamonn McCann and Ed Vulliamy.




This exhibition was supported by The British Council.

Artists Talk - Brian Maguire