Burn the Gaze is an exhibition of work by Void Art School Students. The work was created by a number of students who attended Void Art School over the previous 5 years, some of which went on to study art at third level.

Throughout the Summer of 2010 the students had been creating the work in the open studio at Void. On a visit, Michael Sandle from The Royal Academy in London said of the standard of work “This is better than the Royal Academy Schools degree show.”

The Art School is co-ordinated by Artist and Curator Damien Duffy, who provides one to one tuition for each of the students. In the five years Void has had huge success in furthering students into third level education at Art Colleges in Ireland and Britain.

Void Art School

The education project Void Art School was delivered by the artist Damien Duffy from 2006 – 2015. Modelled on third level education it provided a studio based learning in contemporary art. The project assisted students/artists at all levels of the learning path from A level to foundation course, graduates and post-graduates.

Void Art School was held as a model of best practise by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and it is unique as a Gallery Education Programme.

It worked with CCEA and DCAL in an advisory role on Education and contemporary art.

Void Art School Booklet 2005 – 2013


Void Art School was supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.