Catholic Blood

Andrei Molodkin
Curated by Conor McFeely

18 May - 28 June

Void Gallery presented the premier of Andrei Molodkin’s first ever Northern Irish exhibition. Andrei Molodkin’s controversial work reflects an enduring examination into the corruption imbued in social, political and religious constructs. Using human blood, crude oil and ballpoint pen, the latter a medium first adopted during his time in Soviet military service, the artist forces the viewer to re-engage with uncomfortable concepts of power and perversion inherent in society and its government.  For his exhibition at Void, curated by Conor McFeely, Andrei Molodkin exhibited a new installation ‘Catholic Blood in the Rose Window of the Houses of Parliament’, (2013) created specifically for the context of Derry, Northern Ireland. 


"A macabre vision of miscegenation seeping into the citadel of imperial power." Owen Hatherley (The Guardian) Friday 21 June 2013


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