Death Is Part Of The Process

Jane Harris, Gerard Hemsworth, Kapitza Bashir Makhoul, Pam Skelton, Annie Whiles

16 April - 20 May 2005

  • Death Is Part Of The Process

Death Is Part Of The Process, curated by London artist David Mabb and featuring the work of seven London-based artists. Is death a part of the contribution we make to the world, the final part we play in the historical development of the human race? Or does our final demise after a few short years simply prove the futility of our existence? These questions have been asked since questions were invented, and are posed again in the exhibition at Void. Exhibiting artists include : Jane Harris, Gerard Hemsworth, KAPITZA, Bashir Makhoul, Pam Skelton, Annie Whiles. The starting point for the show is a conversation between the Marat and the Marquis de Sade in Peter Weiss’ play The Persecution and Assassination of Marat, in which de Sade says:

But man has given a false importance to death
Any animal plant or man who dies
Adds to Natures compost heap
Because the manure without which
Nothing could grow nothing could be created
Death is simply part of the process.


I particularly liked Pam Skelton’s work, Annie Whiles’ embroidery was excellent – well done.