Drift: diagram vii

Anne Tallentire

8 October - 11 November 2005

  • Drift: diagram vii

Over a period of two years or more, Tallentire filmed workers within the financial district of the City of London, choosing as her location for the portrayal of labour the centre for the movement of England’s fiscal capital – where the products of human toil are invisible in a wholly different way, abstracted into numerical expressions of ownership.

For the first time at Void, all the elements of Drift are brought together in one installation. The short fragments of video, capturing workers going about their everyday tasks are slowed down, giving a monumentality and beauty to what would otherwise be seen as the mundane. One finds oneself mesmerised by the activity and at times awe-struck by the skill and dexterity employed by the workers, given a heightened grace by the slow motion of the film.


Considered, political, sensitive and sensual: a great feast