Gerard Byrne

9 July - 12 August 2005

  • Gerard Byrne

Gerard Byrne works primarily with photographic and video based media.In the News is a photographic collage of diverse images, presented in a modular fashion, which is re-drafted on each occasion it is installed. The work is a meditation of sorts, on photography and the photographable. On each occasion the work is installed, each image is accompanied by a series of obtuse captions, which sometimes provide conceptual connections between images, and at other times refer to specific references in the history of photography.

The title of the project sets the images up as vaguely topical, while also referencing the relationship between photography, newspapers, and the idea of narrative within images. Why it's time for Imperial, again, is a project made in stages between 1995 and 2002. Imperial was developed from an advertorial published in a National Geographic magazine in 1980. The advert took the form of a transcript of a conversation between Frank Sinatra and Lee Iacocca, then chairman of Chrysler, on the subject of the Chrysler Imperial, a new luxury car model.


Liked the notes along with pics