Joyless Celebration + Purposeless Inquiry

Void Art School
Curated by Damien Duffy

20 May - 6 June 2014

Void Art School 2014 is an eclectic mix of Artists from across the spectrum of Art eductation, from GCSE to graduate.

The exhibition takes its title from the reversal of the themes of Derry's year as UK city of culture in 2013.

As has been seen in the first half of 2014 much of the promise and cultural infastucture of 2013 has retracted - Derry once hosted a Gallery that once hosted the Turner Prize. The "new story to tell" resounds with much the same narrative as the old one.

Void however continues to engage with audiences and artists both locally and internationally.

Void Art School continues to deliver an education programme that offers a depth of processing along with outcomes that exceeds many Institutions in the formal sector.

That work is exemplified in the production of the Artists in this exhibition:

Joe Carlin
Shauneen Colhoun
Vincent Fahy
Sarah Hampstead
Zoe Harkin
Matthew Mc Cartney
Darran McGlynn
Don Murray
Gareth Sweeney


"Dark stuff! Impressive work....follow your dreams!"


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