[vc_row el_class=”middle-section”][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Liam Crichton begins 2019 with his exhibition titled Stereo Object. Crichton creates large-scale sculptures and installations that investigate the built environment. His research revolves around concepts of urban voids, hauntology, anti-monuments, post-minimalism, and silence. Aesthetically driven and predominately site-specific, his work is often characterised by a dialectic approach, which challenges traditional perceptions and the cultural environment.


Crichton’s installation at Void Gallery continues his investigation into the monuments, their meaning and their resonance, both symbolically and materially. Crichton’s field recording of the Walker Memorial (1828) explores the contentious nature of its history whilst invoking a presence of absence, or equally, the absence as presence. The recordings of the monument will capture the resonance of sound through the material of the built environment. In collaboration with Derry musician Autumns (Christian Donaghey) the sounds will be mixed to create a soundtrack for the sculptural environment in the gallery space.


The installation of amplifiers replicates the dimensions of the plinth in sculptural form. The connection between the sound and the sculpture is one of physicality, the viewer through their presence activate the piece through interaction, both with the sound and their presence.


Liam Crichton Biography


Liam Crichton is a Scottish artist currently based in Belfast. He graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 and is known for creating large-scale sculptures and installations that investigate physical space. Containing references to, and elements of a post-minimal realisation, his aesthetically driven and predominately site-specific work is often characterised by a sense of dichotomy that challenges traditional perceptions and cultural surroundings. In a systematic and reductive process, he breaks down the impression of the familiar to its bare essence. Crichton has recently exhibited in Edinburgh, London, Philadelphia, Dublin, and Belfast.


Autumns Biography


For more about Autumns please visit his website.




Void Gallery is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Derry City and Strabane District Council, with events sponsored by Northbound Brewery.


Installation photographs courtesy of Tansy Cowley.

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