Looking for Baz. Shaz, Gaz and Daz

George Shaw
Curated by Greg McCartney

3 August - 3 September 2010

  • Looking for Baz. Shaz, Gaz and Daz

Devon based artist George Shaw (born 1966 Coventry) is noted for his highly detailed paintings, naturalistic approach and English suburban subject matter. Shaw’s work has a unique appearance as his favoured medium is Humbrol enamel paints, more commonly used to paint Airfix models. Shaw who was brought up on a housing estate in the Midlands paints scenes from his childhood and adolescence. When talking about his work Shaw almost speaks of his act of painting as a catharsis of sorts.

"We can make a habit of haunting our own story, returning again and again to the same incidents and places and people – even conversations and emotions.

Is it worth holding onto that feeling I had at the back of the electric sub station? Should I mourn the fading of Forever written on a low wall?

As I slowly fail to recognise myself in this landscape so I begin to see it as it is and to begin slowly to say good-bye. For want of nothing better to do I am painting places as they become nothing, made up simply of time and longing. How quickly do we make the journey from first love to last words."

The 12 paintings that span over Gallery 1 and 2 at Void communicate a lost suburban era of nostalgic longing. The rich surface of the Humbrol reflects the wet tarmac almost evoking a smell of damp streets. A window into another life, one which we all recognise, that stirs us into hankering for times past.


Sublime and beautifully curated