Nick Brennan

5th February – 26 February 2010

  • Nick Brennan

Nick Brennan has been a cartoonist for the Beano and The Dandy for twenty years and Void Comix for the last five years.

Gallery One focuses on Void Comix over the last five years with a highly interactive element for children while Gallery Two documents Nick’s Beano and Dandy work over the last 20 years.

This work includes original drawings of Blinky, Billy the Whizz, Crazy for Daisy and Pinky’s Crackpot Circus!

Void Comix is a fun educational publication created by Nick Brennan to coincide with each exhibition and is aimed at 6-12 year old children. The comic gives an alternative understanding of contemporary art for a younger audience.


Great stuff, really enjoyed it. Thanks