Film still from Disseminate and Hold by Rosa Barba

between objects in the waking world was a solo exhibition at Void Gallery in 2018 by artist Rosa Barba. Barba’s work situates itself within the realm of film and expands into sculptural forms through the exploration of the physicality of film itself and how that plays with light and spatiality. For this exhibition between objects in the [...]

promotional image for Johan Grimonprez, exhibition titled Everyday Words Disappear, at Void Gallery, Derry, 2018

Void Gallery are delighted to welcome Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez for his solo exhibition Everyday Words Disappear. Grimonprez’s critically acclaimed work dances on the borders of practice and theory, art and cinema, documentary and fiction; demanding a double take on the part of the viewer. Informed by an archeology of present-day media, his work seeks out [...]

Keef Winter, Tax Return performance 2018

Void Gallery began 2018 with The Winter Series - a week of performances and screenings by three Irish artists - Keef Winter, Anita Delaney and Sonia Shiel. Keef Winter Tax Return   Tax Return by Keef Winter investigates the sonic properties of a filing cabinet using contact mics, effects pedals and a sledgehammer.   Keef Winter Biography Northern [...]

Film still from It For Others by artist Duncan Campbell, featured in group exhibition Where History Begins, curated by Mary Cremin, Director, Void Gallery, 2017

Where History Begins is a group exhibition featuring the work of Kader Attia, Duncan Campbell, Ali Cherri, and Christodoulos Panayiotou; exploring the complex relationship between material culture and historical truth. The development of archaeology in the early 19th century is closely associated with the categorisation of material culture, preoccupied with the construction of a timeline through which [...]

Photograph by unknown artist, black and white image, two gymnasts lie on their backs as two small tables are suspended in the air, as they poise to catch them again

Void is delighted to present the first showing of Collected Shadows, an exhibition of photographs from the extensive collection of the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC), which will be shown in the UK/Ireland for the first time, organised by Southbank Centre’s Hayward Touring. Opening at Void Gallery in Derry before embarking on a national tour, Collected Shadows offers a rare glimpse into [...]

Audience member interacting with sculpture in Brigitte Zieger's Other Scenes exhibition at Void Gallery 2017

Void is proud to present the work of German Paris-based artist Brigitte Zieger. Curated by Gregory McCartney, Other Scenes explores virtual and spatial 3D images which relate to history and the integration of displacements between image, sculpture and space.   Zieger’s work relates to her interpretation of political and historical contexts and the images which emerge [...]

Showing Off, Void Gallery

Void Gallery is proud to present a programme of documentary, experimental, and dramatic works. Showing Off: an exhibition of moving image by women artists and film makers is curated by Mhairi Sutherland and presented in association with WMM Women Make Movies New York. It is an exhibition of moving image by women artists and film makers that explores [...]

Nothing But Longing image for exhibition

Void is pleased to announce that Nothing But Longing an exhibition featuring the work of 16 artists from Israel. The exhibition is a culmination of work by artists who resided at Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower in Cushendall throughout 2014/16. Cushendall from the Irish ‘Cois Abhann Dalla’ meaning ‘foot of the River Dall’ is a predominantly [...]

Andre Serrano 'Torture' exhibition at Void

Void is delighted to present Torture Andres Serrano's first solo exhibition in Ireland.   Over the last year, in the French industrial town of Maubourguet, Andres Serrano assumed the role of the torturer. Using The Foundry as his black-site, he photographed more than 40 models in improvised positions with devices produced on-site by local residents. Both [...]

Pollenate performance image at Void Gallery

Pollenate is a collaboration between James King and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach.   It explores connotations of the dark and the light through the visual language of natural materials and presence, intimating balance in contrast and through an understanding of the in between in experience and in nature, and the wider context of interplay and integration of energy [...]

Katrina_Palmer_at Void Gallery

For her first exhibition in Ireland, sculptor Katrina Palmer presents The three stories are flattened. Palmer is an artist who is changing our understanding of sculpture. For her, writing is making, and sculpture is a process of investigation employing language and story. Books are central to her practice –The Dark Object (2010), The Fabricator’s Tale [...]

Dihn Q Le exhibition "The Colony" at Void Gallery

Dinh Q Lê's work for The Colony features newly filmed footage of the Chincha Islands off the coast of Peru which are inhabited by large colonies of birds and are rich in guano - a powerful fertiliser. Currently these islands are uninhabited but during the mid 19th Century the Chincha Islands were central to global [...]