Pollenate performance image at Void Gallery

Pollenate is a collaboration between James King and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach.   It explores connotations of the dark and the light through the visual language of natural materials and presence, intimating balance in contrast and through an understanding of the in between in experience and in nature, and the wider context of interplay and integration of energy [...]

Katrina_Palmer_at Void Gallery

For her first exhibition in Ireland, sculptor Katrina Palmer presents The three stories are flattened. Palmer is an artist who is changing our understanding of sculpture. For her, writing is making, and sculpture is a process of investigation employing language and story. Books are central to her practice –The Dark Object (2010), The Fabricator’s Tale [...]

Dihn Q Le exhibition "The Colony" at Void Gallery

Dinh Q Lê's work for The Colony features newly filmed footage of the Chincha Islands off the coast of Peru which are inhabited by large colonies of birds and are rich in guano - a powerful fertiliser. Currently these islands are uninhabited but during the mid 19th Century the Chincha Islands were central to global [...]

Anne Wenzel at Void Gallery

Night Falls, Day Breaks is Anne Wenzel 's first solo exhibition in the UK and Ireland. Opening the Void programme for 2016, the exhibition has a certain critical and thematic resonance with other cultural and civic activities which will take place this year in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland. Specifically, events which are part [...]

Brian Maguire at Void Gallery

Void is proud to present J’accuse an exhibition of new paintings by Irish artist Brian Maguire. Maguire’s highly engaged working process positions art as an act of enquiry and activism and a demand for solidarity with those who are forgotten and voiceless. His insistence for social justice has drawn him to the edges of societies around [...]

Spring Watching Pavilion at Void Gallery

Spring Watching Pavilion presents the first major exhibition of contemporary Vietnamese art in Ireland. 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the ‘Fall of Saigon’ and the end of the Vietnam/ American war. Spring Watching Pavilion exhibits the work of 14 artists who mostly work in lens based media and participatory/socially engaged practice. The historical residues [...]

A Many Splintered Thing at Void Gallery

Void is delighted to present A Many Splintered Thing an exhibition of female photographers: Bieke Depoorter, Irina Popova, Jana Romanova, and Nadia Sablin. Employing a documentary aesthetic and revealing aspects of their subjects’ everyday lives, the photographs on show scrutinise notions of home, family and love from four distinct perspectives. The viewer is confronted with a [...]

Horse_group exhibition at Void Gallery

Featuring twenty eight artists, Horse combines work from historical collections, an open submission call, and invited artists. This exhibition features a wide range of themes such as the suffragette movement, the traveller tradition, and horse identification through a myriad of mediums including film, photography, sculpture and painting.   This ambitious exhibition explores the representation and [...]

Civil Rights at Void Gallery

Void is pleased to present a group exhibition Civil Rights - We have it in our power to begin the world over again curated by Lynette Yiadom Boakye and Maolíosa Boyle.   The title is a quote by the political activist and theorist Thomas Paine who believed in the possibilities of change and the ultimate power [...]

The Starry Messenger at Void Gallery

The Starry Messenger has evolved from an interest in the 'perceptual moment' of film, a borrowed phrase that is intended to position filmmaking and film watching as an expanded way of thinking in a visual language not limited by strict rationality and simple causality, which engages with the materiality of film as a manifestly analogue [...]

Kelly Richardson at Void Gallery

Void Gallery, Millennium Court Arts Centre, and Abridged Magazine presents Haunted, a dual exhibition by Kelly Richardson. This exhibition, curated by Gregory McCartney, is accompanied by a special 10th anniversary edition of Abridged.   For her exhibition at Void, Kelly Richardson presents three large-scale video installations, Mariner 9, Exiles of the Shattered Star and Orion Tide. [...]

Joyless Celebration + Purposeless Inquiry Void Art School at Void Gallery

This Void Art School exhibition Joyless Celebration and Purposeless Inquiry was an eclectic mix of media from a group of nine artists from across the spectrum of levels of art education; from GCSE to graduate level. The exhibition takes its title from the reversal of the themes of Derry's year as UK City of Culture (2013). [...]