Damien Duffy Void Gallery exhibition photos

These new works by artist Damien Duffy trace the fractures in The Large Glass by Marcel Duchamp.   The works dismantle this iconic artwork, creating a series of paintings and two sculptures, which use the network of fractures as a readymade template.   Its title is a confluence of the Brawl at Austerlitz - another [...]

Grace Schwindt Void Exhibition image

Void is delighted to present Through the Front Door - the first solo exhibition on the island of Ireland by German artist Grace Schwindt. The exhibition includes a major new commissioned performance work Reading from a Ribbon.   Born in 1979 in Germany, the artist is normally based in London. She is currently participating in [...]

YoHa exhibition at Void Gallery images

Invisible Airs / Endless War brings together two of YoHa's projects which explore databases as governance. YoHa are made up of artist collaborators Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji.   Gallery 1 Endless War – YoHa with Matthew Fuller (2012 – work in progress)   NATO forces invaded Afghanistan on October 7th 2001. At that point [...]

Philip Napier Void Gallery exhibition photos

Void is pleased to present :recalculating a solo show by Philip Napier.   In this passage I would like to make some connections linking this body of work to the genealogy of its own discipline and to this place and time.   Arguably the terror of a security vernacular has been swept away by a new culture [...]

Uwe Wittwer Void Gallery exhibition photos

Swiss artist Uwe Wittwer’s exhibition at Void Gallery, Outsiders Delight, is work spanning from 2007- 2009.   Swiss artist Uwe Wittwer creates work using the mediums of watercolour, oil paint and Inkjet prints. Wittwer’s source materials are found images taken from the Internet which he then modifies by blurring, editing, erasing and omitting elements.   [...]

Niamh McCann Void Gallery exhibition photos

Niamh McCann is an Irish artist living and working in Dublin. Untitled is her first major solo exhibition in Northern Ireland. McCann presents a diverse range of working practice that includes sculpture, installation, and painting.   Using everyday objects from the contemporary urban environment, McCann makes visible poetry of chance connections, whimsy and paradox.   [...]

Polly Morgan Void Gallery exhibition photos

Having emerged on the London art scene just six years ago Polly Morgan has shot to fame and has quickly become one of the most important and collectable contemporary artists of her time.   Taxidermy is Morgan’s medium, a skill often associated with Victoriana prosperity, and the western view of human superiority over animals.   [...]

John Gerrard Installation image

Void Gallery was delighted to present the first exhibition in Northern Ireland by Irish artist John Gerrard.   The exhibition consisted of Sow Farm (Near Libbey, Oklahoma), 2009, a screen-based work depicting a vast and unmanned, computer-controlled animal farming facility, and Universal (Near Iron Springs, Alberta), 2011, a high-resolution projection, which centres on a pair [...]

Ackroyd & Harvey Void Gallery Exhibition images

I came across Ackroyd & Harvey's work a decade or so ago and I was fascinated by their ‘living’ landscapes and portraits which lived, which grew, which got older, not in a sinister Dorian Gray manner but rather reflecting the natural and often beautiful ageing processes of the subjects. Both landscape and portraiture have traditionally [...]

Margaret Salmon Void Gallery Exhibition image

Void Gallery is delighted to present Company - the first exhibition in Northern Ireland by US American artist Margaret Salmon. It is curated by Susanne Stitch.   Born in 1975 in Suffurn, New York, Margaret Salmon lives and works between Kent, London, and New York. The exhibition shows a selection of early works, including the award-winning [...]

Unrealised Potential installation image

Unrealised Potential was a collaborative group exhibition that aims to explore the creative potential of artists' unrealised projects, blurring the lines between artist, curator, visitor and producer. Mike Chavez-Dawson together with artists Sam Ely and Lynn Harris present an amassed collection of over 60 artists' unfulfilled proposals, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase the right [...]

Mat Collishaw install photo_Void Gallery

Void hosted the first solo exhibition in Ireland of the acclaimed British artist Mat Collishaw. First gaining prominence in the exhibition Freeze, the ground breaking show which transformed British Art, then in the influential “Sensation” show at the Royal Academy of Art in the nineties, marking the advent of what would become known as the [...]