Burn the Gaze Installation photo

Burn the Gaze is an exhibition of work by Void Art School Students. The work was created by a number of students who attended Void Art School over the previous 5 years, some of which went on to study art at third level. Throughout the Summer of 2010 the students had been creating the work [...]

George Shaw Installation Image

Devon based artist George Shaw (born 1966 Coventry) is noted for his highly detailed paintings, naturalistic approach and English suburban subject matter. Shaw’s work has a unique appearance as his favoured medium is Humbrol enamel paints, more commonly used to paint Airfix models. Shaw who was brought up on a housing estate in the Midlands [...]

Installation image of Christian Jankowski at Void Gallery

Void was pleased to welcome Christian Jankowski, a multimedia artist who "lodges himself with sly humour in popular entertainment programs and the art business to challenge the role of art and medial entertainment in our society" (Briefing, Hatje Cantz & Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 2008). The works shown included: Welcome Home (2008) Through a single screen monitor the audience views [...]

Jeremy Deller exhibition at Void Gallery in Derry

Jeremy Deller’s exhibition, ‘Local Artist’ demonstrates the artist’s talent for observing, collecting and curating the everyday activities of ordinary people, and presenting them in such a way that we see them from a fresh perspective. The work in the exhibition could be seen as an attempt to document popular culture and expression, ranging from the [...]

Hiraki Sawa exhibition at Void Gallery in Derry

Sawa uses lo-tech video animation to create poetic dreamscapes – ruminations on ideas of time and motion, innocence and alienation, dislocation and displacement. Hiraki Sawa Biography Hiraki Sawa was born in Ishikawa, Japan. Recent exhibitions include Experimenta Playground, International Biennal of Media Arts, Melbourne, Australia and 12e Biennale de l’ Image en Mouvement, Centre Pour [...]

Nick Brennan exhibition at Void Gallery, Derry

Nick Brennan has been a cartoonist for the Beano and The Dandy for twenty years and Void Comix for the last five years. Gallery One focuses on Void Comix over the last five years with a highly interactive element for children while Gallery Two documents Nick’s Beano and Dandy work over the last 20 years. [...]

C. Langan, P. Rowley & D. Phillips at Void Gallery

Metamorphosis - Clare Langan Clare Langan studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and with a Fulbright Scholarship, completed a film workshop at New York University in 1992. Her film Metamorphosis, 2007 won the Principle Prize at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany. In 2007 it was exhibited at the [...]

Heather & Ivan Morison at Void Gallery installation images

Void Gallery in Derry underwent massive physical alterations in preparation for the exhibition by Ivan and Heather Morison titled The Black Line. In the run up to the exhibition four walls in the gallery spaces were knocked down to reveal the underlying skeletal structure of the space. What remained were the raw stripped steel struts, [...]

Niamh O'Malley at Void Gallery intallation images

Void was pleased to host Niamh O'Malley in her solo exhibition at Void Gallery entitled No Distance.  Niamh O’Malley’s practice is concerned with the slippage between a moment and an image. She investigates the construction and arrangement of time and document as revealed through both the moving image and painted still. Her works combine moments [...]

Toby Paterson at Void Gallery installation

Following a Creative Scotland Award in 2006 Toby Paterson undertook a series of trips to Central and Eastern European countries such as Poland, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria and Estonia, experiencing the empirical reality of cities marked by the residue of historical events. The work included in this exhibition, Various States, resulted both directly and indirectly from the journey. [...]

Iain Forsythe and Jane Polland at Void Gallery

Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches) references a seminal video work made in 1973 by Vito Acconci. In it, Acconci paces the length of a corridor, talking to an absent ex-lover. Forsyth and Pollard worked closely with Plan B a sharp-tongued young urban MC signed to 679 Recordings, to update the script and re-shoot the video, [...]

Eija Liisa Ahtila at Void Gallery installation photographs

The emotions of love, sexuality, jealousy, anger, vulnerability, and reconciliation are explored within the works of Eija-Liisa Ahtila.   Born in Hameenlinna, Finland in 1959, Ahtila studied film in Los Angeles and London. Her multi-screen installations and films explore and experiment with narrative storytelling, creating extraordinary tales out of ordinary human experiences.   Ahtila refers [...]