Willie Doherty at Void installation images

In November 2008 Void embarked on a unique collaboration with the National Museums Northern Ireland and Foyle Film Festival to bring Willie Doherty’s work to Derry. The collaboration involved the screening of Ghost Story as part of the Foyle Film Festival in the Strand Omniplex cinema and the showing of Apparatus, Empty and Closure at [...]

Bill Drummond at Void Installation photos

"All recorded music has run its course. It has all been consumed, traded, downloaded, understood, heard before, sampled, learned, revived, judged and found wanting. Dispense with all previous forms of music and music-making and start again. Year Zero now."   In 2004 Bill Drummond came up with The17 -    For decades I’ve had this [...]

Install image of Trinh T Minh-ha at Void Gallery

Void’s was delighted to host Vietnamese film-maker Trinh T Minh-ha in 2008. Minh-ha is the recipient of several awards and grants including the “Trailblazers” Award at MIPDOC, Cannes; the AFI National Independent Filmmaker Maya Deren Award, fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment of the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Film Institute, The [...]

nstall image from a Void Art School exhibition

Void Art School commenced in September 2006 as a part of The Void Education and Artist in Residence Programmes. The school operated as an open studio for A’ level students interested in studying art at third level. The course functioned like a foundation course in Contemporary Art Practice. Students attended after school on weekdays and [...]

Install photos of Dan Shipsides at Void Gallery

Touchtone test piece is an exploratory art project based around climbing with a blind person resulting in Echo Valley and A Guiding Dilemma. “I have no sight at all - so I didn’t have any fear climbing – it probably helps not to have any idea of what 20metres looks like from above.  As long as [...]

Install photo of Ursula Biemann at Void Gallery

Void was delighted to have shown the films Black Sea Files and Sahara Chronicles by Swiss artist Ursula Biemann, curated by Orla Ryan. Biemann studied art and cultural theory in Mexico and New York. Her art and curatorial practice focus on the representation of minority identities and gender in the media and in posturban zones, such as [...]

Install photo of Conor McFeely CCVA at Void Gallery

Void were delighted to host Conor McFeely as a part of the Curated Visual Arts Award curated by Mike Nelson. The starting point for his work was a response to the series of experiments carried out by the Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer in the first two decades of the 20th century to establish the law [...]

Install photograph of Bea McMahon & Brendan Earley at Void Gallery

Void were delighted to host Bea Mc Mahon and Brendan Earley as a part of the Curated Visual Arts Award curated by Mike Nelson. The Curated Visual Arts Award is an initiative of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaion in partnership with Void, Derry and the Douglas Hyde Gallery, [...]

Install photo of Daniel Jewesbury at Void Gallery

'No Special Place' was a new experimental film installation by Belfast based artist Daniel Jewesbury. Using a script partly appropriated from the 1954 novel Bhowani Junction, Jewesbury has constructed an eccentric narrative which brings biography, memory and race into its view. Our construction of our self is as fragile, as mutable and as unreliable as the memories from which [...]

Install photos of Matt Stokes at Void Gallery

The exhibition Now is Early by Newcastle based Matt Stokes included the award winning 16mm film Long After Tonight which earned Stokes the 2006 Beck's Futures Prize, and was accompanied by an ongoing body of work, Real Arcadia. Matt Stokes' practice is marked by anthropological enquiry and his abiding interest in how social events and informal [...]

Installation image of Mairead McClean at Void Gallery

The work by Mairéad McClean: bell(a)exchange, at Void Gallery highlights the important role of communication systems and technologies in the lives of diasporic communities. A photograph of Teresa O’Connor, the artist’s grandmother, taken in a Montreal photographer’s studio circa 1913, prompted McClean to search for information about her deceased relative’s life at that time. Why [...]

Installation image of Miranda Pennell at Void Gallery

Void was pleased to present Play, an exhibition of film works by Miranda Pennell. The works included You Made me Love You and Drum Room. In the works, the calculated, the fixed and the formal meet the unpredictable and the human. In You Made me Love You an un-predicable camera plays a game of cat and mouse [...]