Peripheral Vision

Ghazel, Frances Hegarty, Vong Phaophani

22 January - 25 February 2005

  • Peripheral Vision

Void's inaugural show, Peripheral Vision included artists Ghazel, Frances Hegarty and Vong Phaophanit.

Ghazel is an Iranian artist, now living in Paris. Her three-monitor video installation, titled Me, consisted of a collection of short pieces, staged scenarios in which she acted out simple sketches which questioned the status of women in Iran and the country's relationship with the USA.

Frances Hegarty exhibited two video installation pieces. The work shown is Autoportrait, incorporating a video of the artist dancing to a frenetic crescendo, while from a single speaker comes her voice whispering her life story. Frances was born in the west of Ireland, but has lived in England for many years, where she has achieved a very high level of success.

Vong Phaophanit showed a series of small sculptures, which were made through repeatedly dipping ceramic ornaments into beeswax. The resultant pieces were both sinister and beautiful. Vong is originally from Laos, but has been living in London for some years. He was shortlisted for the Tate's Turner Prize in 1993.


Interesting Space, great to see two strong female video artists in one space, Are Vong’s pieces edible?