Pollenate is a collaboration between James King and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach.

It explores connotations of the dark and the light through the visual language of natural materials and presence, intimating balance in contrast and through an understanding of the in between in experience and in nature, and the wider context of interplay and integration of energy between the physical and metaphysical forces. Investigating the proposition that apparent opposites can be complementary and mutually sustaining; a coming together, a sharing, and exchange.

This exhibition is the result of a lengthy Pollenation process between artists James King and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach. Their contrasting channels of consciousness and separate archetypal sources merged together, which through development and process a sharing of ideas blossomed, culminating in this exhibition. Both artists are members of Bbeyond Belfast, having initially met through one of their workshops, and a mutual artistic bond grew both exterior to, and through meeting at, Bbeyond monthly group performance art events – the essence of which is spontaneity, presence, and responsiveness.

The ‘Pollenation’ process began through a sharing of poetry which later developed into an extensive recorded interchange, both voicing intuitive phonemes and snippets of vocal sound over a long period of time, developed by sonically manipulating and expanding the vocal exchanges to create the sound piece; then interwoven with video (Pollenate #1). The sound for the two other videos are the result of a postal interchange over many months in which the artists created extended abstract poems, alternating verse, each making a response to the other; deconstructing and reconstructing the language. The exhibition is comprised of photographic prints, video/sound, material objects and live performance.

For more about Sandra Corrigan Breathnach’s work please visit her website.

For more about James King’s work please visit BBeyond’s website.

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Pollenate James King and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach – Press Release