In two new site-specific works commissioned by Void Gallery – Veterans and Psychophonies – artist Santiago Sierra addresses the legacies of the conflict in Northern Ireland through an engagement with demilitarised sites and former military workers. Employing flying drones, video, sound recordings and postering, Sierra’s latest interventions engage with existing dialogues about the past in Northern Ireland, redrawing the boundaries of confrontation and struggle and offering a chilling reflection on contemporary war cultures.

Santiago Sierra Biography

Santiago Sierra (b. Madrid, 1966) is known for exploring the relationships between labour, capital, empire and oppression through poetic and frequently controversial actions. His representations of the exploitative transactions of everyday life often involve contracting people to perform useless, degrading, or repetitive tasks. Offering little by way of apology or solution to the predicament of those involved, his work presents ethical dilemmas for both spectator and art institution and implicates the audience in the events they witness.

Recent solo exhibitions include the No–Global Tour, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo Artium in Vitoria and exhibitions with Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia; Museu Madre, Naples, Italy; Lisson Gallery, London, UK; Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid and the Spanish Pavillion, 50th Venice Biennale.

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