As an organisation, we wish to make our stance clear on the ongoing genocide and humanitarian crisis in Gaza – we stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine today, and every day. At the time of editing, over 140 days have passed since the start of the genocide, with over 38,000 Palestinians losing their lives and over 60,000 injured. We condemn these atrocities, and join others in calling for an immediate ceasefire.

As a new team, we recognise the importance cultural organisations hold in speaking up against genocide and the ongoing censorship artists and practitioners are experiencing within art institutions across Europe. As individuals, we have been engaged in standing up for Palestine, attending marches, donating to MAP and engaging with the BDS movement, and we want to reflect that in the organisation we work within.

In echoing peer organisations in the north of Ireland who have also spoken up in support of Palestine, we recognise the platform that we have. We want to draw attention to the work of the Learning Palestine Group , Artists Against Genocide (a group working across the north of Ireland, attending protests and holding workshops), and also highlight the Museum of Free Derry’s Bloody Sunday 2024 anniversary programme which, now finished, was dedicated to those suffering in Gaza. Further ways to get involved include via IPSC Derry who are organising, marching and sharing, and further into the county, IPSC Mid Ulster are organising vigils, walks and protests.

As an organisation, we will continue to have conversations about how Void can support those who are speaking out and will continue to update you as we make a commitment to use our platform.