Banshee Issue #15


Banshee Press is a small independent Irish publisher that produces a twice-yearly literary journal, Banshee, as well as a select list of books. We love exciting, accessible, contemporary writing in all forms.

Banshee Press was founded in 2014 by three writers: Laura Cassidy, Claire Hennessy and Eimear Ryan. In 2021, the Banshee Press founders were included in The Bookseller’s Rising Stars list.


Editors: Laura Cassidy, Eimear Ryan, Jessica Traynor, John Patrick McHugh

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Banshee Press

Published: Spring/Summer 2023

ISBN: 978-1-7396227-1-8

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Maggie Armstrong | The Dublin Marriage
Diarmuid Hickey | Sports Day in St Luke’s
Olivia Fitzsimons | Dream Kitchen
Ronan Kelly | God Made the World, But the Dutch Made Holland
Eira Murphy | The Urn
Rosa Mäkelä | I Used to Be a Party Girl
Laura-Blaise McDowell | The Natural
Graham Tugwell | The Bitch of String

Jennie E. Owen | The Unusual Party
J. S. Loveard | We’re Sorry to See You Go
Noel O’Regan | Marginalia on my Father’s Copy of Franz Kafka’s Letter to my Father
Emer Lyons | Army
Bernard O’Rourke | Imprints

Ali Watkins | Treefence
Alan McCormick | A Pier Disappears and The One That Got Away
Lucy Holme | Moons Over Miami
Greg Thorpe | Fire Ireland
Máighréad Medbh | from Excavations: A Year in Intimate Tracings

Dawn Watson | Most Haunted Live!
Derek JG Williams | Ellis Hall, Room 102
Dylan Brennan | Black Honey
Gustav Parker Hibbett | High Jump as Religious Calling
Michael Naghten Shanks | The Balloon Principle
Anne Tannam | precipice | conjure
Simon Lewis | The Life Cycle of a Hamlet of Mushrooms
Paula Harris | I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more, just to be so exhausted that I fall down and wouldn’t think about you anymore
Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal | For a Home That is a Stage
Tim MacGabhann | A Man Walks Into a Bar | A Veteran Speaks
Jane Clarke | Dressing My Mother For Her Grandson’s Wedding
Monica Wang | How My Grandma Broke Her Hip That Summer
Alice Kinsella | The Doctor (Who) was a woman
Rachael Hegarty | Daisy
Trudie Gorman | It hurts to grow towards the sky
Elizabeth McGeown | Hereditary
Jamie O’Halloran | Look Away
Mark Ward | The Critics
Morgan L. Ventura | Hallucinations Gifted to Me By Heatstroke
Karan Kapoor | Rings of Saturn

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